Fast Growing Palm Trees - Your Guide

Fast growing palm trees can help you get that backyard tropical look you've wanted. The overall growth rate of palm trees in different species is not that fast. That's why we've listed for you those having rapid growth.

But the best ones for you will depend on some of your own local conditions.

We'll see which palm trees grow the fastest. Plus basic tips on how to care for them. We're here to get you a handle on all that. So pick a topic or just move along!






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Palm lovers can get the info needed to ease their searching tasks. While enjoying our articles & having fun, without unneeded shoptalk lingo & tiring research.

Prequel to Choosing Fast-Growing Palm Trees

It's best to check on several conditions before choosing which species of palm trees that are fast growers. Here's a little bit you'll need to know...

Your Local Environment for Growing Palms Fastest

The first thing to figure out is your local climate. These are tropical plants (I think we all know that! 😉). Various factors affect the lowest temperatures Different Palm Species can tolerate. You'll want to have the USDA Hardiness info for Your Own Growing Zone in mind.

Choose your fast growing palm trees accordingly, so your new palm purchase will be successfully planted & growing well in your environment. Once you know that, move along to your own property's details.

Test Your Own Soil pH for Good, Hardy Palm Growth

Another to check on, is your property's soil conditions.

The pH level is very, very important. Palms can't use most Needed Soil Nutrients if the pH is too high (alkaline). Ideally soil pH should be from 6.0 to 7.0. That's somewhat acidic, up to the neutral point.

pH scale with examples

Also remember to test the soil where you'll be planting your fast-growing palm tree. A different spot on your property can have an entirely different pH level.

We recommend a better idea for U.S. soil testing is with Your Local Extension Service, as it will be most accurate & reliable. They typically charge a fee.

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We personally haven't tried these other DIY Soil Test Methods, but you may think they're worth a try.

Here's a simple example of a DIY method to use at home with easily obtained ingredients. In fact, you may already have them on hand!

How Soil Conditions & Types Guide Palms Growth

Man scooping up loamy soil into his hands

Soil conditions also play a role for successful growth. As mentioned, the most important is to have the appropriate pH in your soil. But there's another issue to consider when you choose that ideal fast-growing palm tree.

Nearly all palm trees prefer well-drained soil. Keep in mind that palms are pretty adaptable to most soil mixtures.

  • Sandy soil drains water quickly. You may need to add a bit of organic matter & mulch to slow it down a little bit.
  • Loamy soils drain water moderately. Giving time for roots to access dissolved nutrients. Good for the many palms.
  • Clay soils end up soggiest of all. Planting a fast growing palm in that type of soil could cause Problems for Your Palm. You'll want to add Rich Soil Organics that promote good drainage.
Diagram of a Soil Pie ChartOverall Make-up of Soils

Anticipate The Growth For Palm Tree Needs

Fast growing palm trees mature quickly from that Baby Small Tree, like the Majesty Palm.

Be sure to know the maximum height. Its total height can be way up there! With a crown that spreads thickly outward.

Your Advance Landscape Planning helps to think of enough room your chosen palm needs. Do you have the outdoor space for them? Will the mature height impact any windows?

This Could Help for Planning>

Choose Your Fast Growing Palm Tree Species

We'll let you in on the typical speediness a fast-growing tree has. Even though we're calling these fast growing palm trees, ideal conditions are generally needed for rapid growth.

Check out these palms that grow quickly, arranged by approximate height.

Small Fast Growing Palms for Landscaping

The maximum height for small, fast growing palm trees is about 20ft/6m or less. Many don't have wide crowns of Palm Fronds.

The popular Pygmy Date Palm Tree for you?

Phoenix roebelinii, the Miniature Date Palm gets about 15ft/4.5m high. Ideal conditions for quickest growth are in rainier climates of zones 9b-11. Can try arid 8b areas, but will be more slow growing.

  • Nice looker, needs lavish watering.
  • Ensure rich soil with good drainage.
Miniature Date Palm Growing in a botanical gardenAt the Else Kientzler Botanical Garden, Sarchi Norte, Costa Rica

Hardy Mediterranean Fan Palms Can Speed Up Growth

Chamaerops humilis, also called European Fan Palm Trees. They're a cold hardy palm, for Zones 8b-11. Arid 8a okay, too. Doesn't like excessive humidity.

  • Maximum height of 20ft/6m, mostly spreads out as they're a clustering species.
  • Even with low water requirements, speed up growth by giving more water in well-drained soil.
Chamaerops humilis, commonly called Mediterranean Palm(Credit: CER amalho)
Mediterranean Fan - Water More for Fast Growing Palm Trees

Moderately Sized Fast Growing Palm Trees 

Normal heights reach over 20ft/6m up to 59ft/17m. With total height depending on the species of palm trees & the care you provide.

How do Alexandra Palm Trees Grow Fast?

Another common name is Alexandra King Palm. Archotophoenix alexandrae grows between 30-50ft/9-15m. Best in 10b-11. Have wetter winters? 10a can work.

  • Give it ideal conditions for fast growth. Loves plentiful watering.
  • Touchy when transplanted, recommend expert help.

Growing The Popular Foxtail Palm Tree

Wodyetia bifurcata reaches 40-60ft/12-18m tall. Ideal for Zones 10b-11. Try cautiously in 10a.

  • Seedlings grow less quickly, but afterwards speeds up lots.
  • Likes regular adequate water.
  1. Can get by with less, being drought-tolerant. But its appearance will suffer.

How a Bangalow Palm Tree Grows Fastest

AKA King Palm, has the scientific name Archontophoenix cunninghamiana. Maximum height is 50ft/15m. Suited as fast growing palm trees in coastal type Mediterranean climates.

How a Carpentaria Palm Tree Quickly Gets A Nice Height

Carpentaria acuminata, the Carpy, maxes out at 50ft/15m. Growing Zone 10b-11, but 10a can be carefully tried. 

  • The crownshaft means low-maintenance!
  • It wants lots of water. Once of the few palms that doesn't mind soggy feet. 

Quick Growing for a Palm Tree: The Areca catechu

Commonly called Betal Nut Palm, it gets from 50ft/15m to 75ft/22.5m. Only desirable for USDA Growing Zone 11. Borderline in 10a.

Ribbon Fan Palm Tree With Tall Growth Tendencies!

The Livistona decora often has an alternate species name: Livistona decipiens. Can do fine in Climate Zones 9-11. Cautiously, 8b can work.

  • Gets anywhere from 50-70ft/15-21m.
  • Fast growing palm with regular watering.
  1. To tamp down its height, decrease watering when nearing your desired height. It tolerates less moisture.

Queen Palm Tree - Popular Types of Landscape Royalty

Syagrus romanzoffiana is a nice addition to residential landscapes. Preferred in Zones 9b-11. Some have had success in 8b & 9a.

  • Height ranges from 45ft/13.5m minimum to over 60ft/18m, if it gets all it needs.
  • Prefers consistent watering in humus filled soil
Syagrus romanzoffian Palms along a roadway in Lauquen ArgentinaAaargh!! Queen Palms All Along a Roadway
Sadly They've All Been Way Over-Pruned!

Tall Fast Growing Palm Tree for Your Garden

Be sure to have room for these large fast growers! Allow for their mature height, which is over 60ft/18m high. Generally they'll also have massive crowns, which spread outward.

Patience Guide for the Caroline Ivory-Nut Palm Tree

This Metroxylon amicarum can get huge. Needs a 10b-11 climate. Reaching between 60ft/18m to 80ft/24m.

  • Slow growing as a sapling. But wait, once reaching adulthood it's a Quick Growing Palm.
  • A thirsty palm, which does better with rich soil.

Joannis Palm Tree Likes Sunny Landscapes for Fastest Growth

Veitchia joannis is definitely one of the tallest palms. Can get to 120ft/30m! In 10b-11 Zones. 

  • Some say it reminds them of Coconut Palms. Has high water & full sun needs.
  • Somewhat slow growing until it's out of its juvenile years. Then gets really quick.

Montgomery or Sunshine Palm

Another in the Veitchia genus starts the sapling at medium growth speed. Then fast growth until reaching old age, when it again slows down. Well, people often can understand that!

  • It's got the scientific name, Veitchia arecina.

Look Up At The Fast Growing Mexican Fan Palm Tree

Washingtonia robusta is fetching with fan-shaped fronds.

  • That highly lanky Palm Around Los Angeles. Zones 9b-11, but can try 9a.
  • Wait on seedling stage completion. Then they're definitely fast-growing palm trees. Getting to 100ft/30m tall.
  • Even though it tolerates drought conditions, give it extra water for faster growth.

Other Types of Fastest Growing Palm Trees

Evaluate these for your own climate & residential landscape needs.

  • Windmill Palm Trees - Trachycarpus fortunei are cold hardy palm trees. Zones 7b-11, sometimes 7a. Ranges 25-50ft/7.5-15m upward. Best in partial shade.
  • Mule Palms - The xButyagrus nabonnandii is a hybrid of the Queen & Pindo. Height variable, depending on which parent is female. Is mom a Queen? That's when it's fastest growing.
  • Pindo Palm - Butia capitata is also called Jelly Palm, for its sweet, edible fruit. Maximum height of 35ft/10.5m. Very hardy, best in 9-11 zones. 8 works in Mediterranean climes.

There are still more fast growing palm trees. If none here suits your needs, Contact Us to tell us the type of fast growth palm you're wanting. We'll help if we can.

Planting & Caring for Fast Growing Palm Trees

Remember, no matter if the palm is a fast-growing tree, different types of palm species are unique for their exact requirements. We have some essential starting tips for your new plant.

Learn the circumstances to make your own palm happiest. Looking deeper into sunlight needs & soil preferences, etc.

  • Be prepared for any cold snaps that come along.
  1. What's the lowest temperature tolerated before there's Freeze Damage?
  • Do you want Cold Hardy Palms instead?

Planting Steps for Fast Growing Palm Trees

Ready for planting your chosen quick growing palm? You can choose to hire an arborist, professional Master Gardener, or a similar palm expert to do this process.



  • In your tropical climate, plant your palm in any season.
  • If a subtropical or temperate zone, plant in spring, summer or autumn. Definitely not in winter.

Planting Tips:

  • Dig The Hole as deep as it should be to have the stem/trunk at the proper ground level point.
  • See where the root becomes the stem?
  1. The dividing line between the stem shoot/root is about one inch under the soil. No Deeper!

Post Planting Tips:

  • Avoid packing refill soil in tightly. To maintain air spaces.
  • Water the planting area so roots & backfilled soil are consistently moist, with good drainage. Not waterlogged.
  • Continue watering regularly during its 8-month establishment. Use a Water Sensor Spike to be sure the soil is well-drained, to avoid root rot.

Applying Fertilizer:

You're now good to go. After establishment, regular palm maintenance can begin.

Preventative Care for All Types of Palm Trees

After establishment it's time to regularly get with your palm. Make a point to look it over weekly. Watch for Signs of Palm Problems, as it's best to immediately address it.

If you see anything that looks off, not quite right, it's best to explain the problem to a professional for help. Like personnel who are experts in Palm Tree Growing Knowledge. Local extension services usually offer free advice to get you started.

Takeaways for Fast Growing Palm Trees

You've seen how fast-growing palm trees can work for you. Have you figured out your best choice that will be fitting for your landscape?

You've gotten a good overview of the right way to plant your palm. And thereafter the best care for good palm health. You'll love watching it grow quickly!