Palm Tree Decorating Ideas

Palm tree decorating ideas bringing a tropical mood to your home.

Do you like doing that balmy feel? Looking at the styling that gives you the topically glowing warmth? To feel like You're Under Those Breezy Palms, having ocean-blue tranquility!

Aaaah!! Yes, why not bring that atmosphere back home?

Or perhaps you're fortunate enough to live in the tropics, or even the subtropics. You're looking to continue that vibe further in your life in a variety of ways. Bringing the look of your outdoor surroundings to the indoors.

Looking for methods to incorporate any of this? We can help!

We live in the arid subtropical desert of Tucson Arizona. Although we love our desert, we love adding the more steamy tropical look into our home. So yes, we too love to gather palm tree decorating ideas that suit these tropical themes.

And share them here.

We think we'll have what you want:

  • For use in your own home, in ways you may not have thought of.
  • For DIY Crafts you can find or make yourself.
  • Ideas for palm tree decorating all around your home, in a variety of ways! 

Keep rolling on down, or Choose it! What are you looking for?

Hawaii Travel Poster

Palm Tree Living Room Decor

Palm tree living room decoration ideas start with thinking of your overall plan. Will you entirely change much of your current living areas?

Or will you blend it into your current living room?

Living in Tucson Arizona, we've chosen to reflect that style. We decided blending it in suits us best.

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We have some things for you to think about in decorating with palm tree ideas.

palm inspired  room designVivid Artsy Palm Tree Framed Artwork Brings Much Contrast to the Sandy Colored Walls
Palm Themed Sofa Pillow Echoes Shapes of Wall Artwork - Lots of Palmy Greenery Too!
How Would You Improve Palm Tree Decor in This Small Apartment Living Space?

Surround Yourself With Tropical Vibe


Is your current wall color suitable for this tropical palm tree decorating theme? Or should you paint & refresh your walls?

Contrasting or Coordinating Colors for your palm tree decoration ideas. Often your furniture can be darker than palmy inspired wall colorings. 

  • Or the reverse. As whitish shades of furniture contrast well with darker greens, blues, grays or tannish colors for walls. Going well with your theme.
Tropical inspiration with a palm-like plantThey began with a palmy type of plant. Now want to get more palm tree decor going.
Easy to Do: Switch Out to Palm Tree Styled Pillows!
Now - What Else Could You Suggest?


Decide Which Color is Suitable. Coordinate with the furniture you have, or will be purchasing. Find the color + its name, & print out to match with paint swatches. Or if your paint store is updated with this: bring them the color code details.

Paint Colors - Palm tree decoration ideas for painting:

  • A pale green such as Crayola's spring green (O).Or honeydew green, tea green, green earth, mint cream, aero blue, key lime, or Nyanza.
  • A subtle gray or whitish like zebra white, white chocolate (O) & tooth. Beachy whites like timberwolf, seashell, platinum, parchment, papaya whip, old lace, milk, medium champagne, linen, Isabelline, ivory, Gainsboro, floral white, cultured, cream, bone, alabaster, almond or antique white.
  • Or beachy beige tones. For instance banana mania, beige, bisque (O), cornsilk, cosmic latte, eggshell, flax, light khaki, lemon meringue, mellow yellow, moccasin, pale goldenrod, pale spring bud, pearl, sand, sunset, unbleached silk, vanilla, very pale yellow, wheat or white coffee.
  • And think of the tropical blue water & sky in light shades: water, sky blue, powder blue, pale blue or pale cornflower blue or pale aqua, middle blue-green, magic mint (O), light cyan, Columbia blue, celeste, beau blue or Alice blue.

Palm Tree Decorating Ideas With Wallpaper


Prefer Wall Paper? A more labor-intensive, yet rewarding end result.

Find Palm Themed Wallpaper

  • For use with all your walls, go with a subtle palm styling
  • Or get a bit bolder! If you just wallpaper a section for a focus wall.
  • Not into that much labor? 
  1. Then maybe wallpaper borders with palm tree designs would be a good compromise.
  2. Set around the top of walls, or in a "chair-rail" positioning.
  3. Another compromise with a bit less work would be to add a smaller sized wall sticker. The type that's like a mural. Or a small mural for a portion of a room's wall. Like This One...

Palm Tree Decorating Accessory Ideas


Now think of additions for the floor, chairs & sofa.

Your Furniture

Consider the basic color & style. Is the upholstery fabric patterned? Or solid?

  1. Palm patterned pillows go well on solid color furniture.
  2. Solid color pillows echoing wall colors work well on patterned upholstery. Even perhaps "plastered" with a central palm emblem.
  • A floor pillow for lounging could have a nice effect. 
  1. There's even specialty ones for kids. How cool & fun is that!

Throw Around Your Palm Decorating!


  • An option is a Blanket Throw with similar color considerations. (Even warm climates get cold days/evenings!)
  1. Drape it over the back of your sofa.
  2. Have it flow over the side arm of your cozy armchair.

Rugs or Carpeting

Would you want a tropical Palm Themed Throw Rug or area rug?

  • Think of the ways to harmonize with all the other encompassing features. 
  • Plus the practical terms of dirt attraction & subsequent care. Is the outdoor/indoor type better for that?
  • A Woven Mat with a straw-like look has that tropic feel. Works well coordinating with your palm tree decoration ideas. Perhaps at the room's entrance.
  • Or how about placing Palm Ceramic Tiles for the entryway.

Dress Up Your Windows for Palm Calm


Here's a place in the living room for several palm tree decoration ideas:

  • Gauzy Sheer Draperies over a large window gives that tropical mood. Particularly when your windows can open to screens, for a nice warm (or cooling) breeze. The drapes swirl & billow, adding to the ambience.
  1. Linen Over-Drapes could top them off for a gorgeous style. Coordinate the Color for the room's overall esthetic.
  • Smaller windows could have matching curtains. Or have only A Valance at the top. A nice choice for a kitchen window too!
  • Another option is using bamboo roll-up shades for small windows. 
  • Or as Liz did here, placing a palmy decor feature in front of the blinds she already had. Budget friendly, working mostly with what you have.
Palm Accented Window Blinds

Tropical Palm Tree Decoration Ideas for Walls

Your palm tree Wall Decorations can add to your feeling for a living room that's your own tropical paradise! See which of our palm tree decoration ideas for wall décor work for you.

Which variety of wall art fits with your planning?


  • Keep in mind your color scheme when choosing framing for artwork. It's nice to have contrasting colors. Still you want harmony with your other palm tree decoration ideas.
  1. Might you feel inclined to use a palm tree patterned frame? We Love This One! Or a tropical look made of rattan. That Could Work!
  • Depending on how much palm tree décor specifics you've already planned for, you could now use related Palm Wall Decorations.


  • Paintings featuring other tropical plants like bromeliads, Banana Tree Leaves, or other exotic plants.
  • Even something as simple as a palm tree themed calendar.
  • There's nothing like a palm tree lined beach at sunset! Isn't that true? A feature wall with such a painting, or even your vacation photograph. Adding to your room's paradise karma.
  • How about placing a tapestry themed with pineapples? Here's A Fun Sort! 😁
  • Using rattan in your palm tree decorating ideas gives even more tropical appeal.
  • Palm frond wall hangings, like palm tree wall art metal choices.

DIY Palm Tree Decorating Ideas

Want to try some DIY palm tree crafts for your property's decorating? Here's a super DIY fan palm tree instruction tutorial:

Takeaways for palm tree decorating ideas

Were these palm decor ideas worthwhile to you? Did they start you thinking of how to get a tropical vibe going in your home or outside garden?

Use your imagination & creativity, expanding on what we've shown you here.

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