What is a Palm Frond?

What is a palm frond? You're wondering. Hmmm. Well....

The simple answer is that...

It Is The Food Factory For A Palm Tree

Of course, there is much more to it than that. Like the typical questions of how, where, when, and why is it the source of nutritional needs for a palm. Since we already gave the most basic "what" answer!

We're here to help you understand that. With essential, straightforward words and explanations.

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More What is a Palm Frond Info

Palm frond is the more "scientific" type of name for a leaf on a palm plant. All palms have leaves, a necessity for them. They are often large, and have a fan-like appearance. Or they can look feathery. They grow from the top of palm trees.

A palm frond is an essential part of a palm tree's anatomy or structure. Fronds are the parts of the palms that photosynthesize chemicals. They use their natural surroundings for this purpose. Creating palmy food that it uses for further growth. Photosynthesis is the procedure plants use for getting nutritional needs.

Another needed function of what a palm frond does, is to help manage a palm tree's inner temperature. Most palms need a warm to hot climate. Yet there are times a palm might be exposed to weather it doesn't naturally like. The fronds take the brunt of that, and can make adjustments to help keep the palm tree alive.

How Does a Palm Frond Grow?

When you look at the top of a palm tree, you may see a spiky looking green thing growing straight up. It might have you asking: what is that? A palm frond coming out of the top?

And you'd be right!

New palm fronds grow out of the tops of palm trees. Out & up from the center area of the crown of leaves already there. The older fronds also grow out from crown's center.

Then moved outward & a little downward as they age. Depending on the structure of the various Palm Tree Species.

The spiky upward growing new frond gets larger. You'll see it looks like a tightly coiled green leaf spiral. All twisted together in a spear-like appearance. In fact a new palm frond is called a spear!

New palm frond growing from the top of a palmate

It then begins spreading out. Until it finally takes that fan-like, or feathery-like shape.

A few surrounding conditions influence how quickly these steps happen.

  • First, and most importantly, the over-all growth of fronds depends the the palm species.
  • Environmental temperature outside its ideal range can slow it down.
  • How much moisture is it getting? It can be either by rain or by irrigation. Moisture affects how a palm frond grows. It can either slow down these steps, or see the steps thrive.

Once its new growth is complete, it joins the other palm fronds. At the crown, atop the stem (trunk). 

What is a Palm Frond's Part in Photosynthesis?

Palm Fronds are The Part of The Palm plant that is like a chemical factory for making its own food. Photosynthesis is what a palm frond uses for this process.


This palm frond food factory uses ingredients the palm tree gathers in. Then by various systems, delivers these chemicals to the frond. Where it combines them in certain ways to make its food. The chemicals it uses are:

  • You've noticed that palm fronds are green. The green color is from a chemical called chlorophyll.
  • Water drawn up from the roots. Which also has dissolved minerals like nitrogen & phosphorus.
  • Palms absorb Carbon Dioxide (CO2From The Air. Through micro-sized frond openings called stomata.

With these chemicals, the palm frond goes to work making food. Here are the steps it uses to do that:


Chlorophyll inside frond cells bask in the sunlight. As the sun shines on the frond, it captures that sunny energy into the frond. Chloroplasts hold the chlorophyll & concentrate on capturing the sunlight. The captured sunlight is like the power plant to get photosynthesis moving.


Inside the chloroplast, photosynthesis begins with action through chlorophyll. The sunlight powerplant "drinks" in water.


Using sunlight energy, photosynthesis now combines the water and the carbon dioxide (CO2). When they're mixed together, a new chemical change happens. They're now transformed into oxygen and a sugar called glucose.


The palm frond sends the glucose food to palm tree areas needing the nourishment. The glucose food leftovers are stored.

  • Kept for times when photosynthesis can't easily take place. That's because one of the needed chemicals is lacking. 
  • For example, when the palm is under unusual drought conditions.


Oxygen is a byproduct or spin-off/side-effect leftover of the work of photosynthesis. The frond oversees ejecting the oxygen (O2) out into the air. Oxygen oozes through those stomata openings, finding its way out of the palm frond.

  • Just as we breathe in oxygen and then exhale out carbon dioxide, a palm plant does just the opposite. It takes in carbon dioxide & releases oxygen into the air. For us to then breathe in. Quite a great cooperative system, don't you think?
photosynthesis explainedDo You See the Benefits of Photosynthesis?
Think of All the Palm Fronds Working This System!

Photosynthesis doesn't have to go in this individual numbered step by step method. It's a continuous, ongoing process. Where each step is always overlapping another in different fronds, blades & their segments & frond leaflets.

Especially when considering the number of palm fronds. Plus all the chloroplasts there are!

Traditional Uses of Palm Fronds

Maybe you've wondered: what is a palm frond in a historical context? For years and years palm fronds have historically been valuable. Used by many cultures throughout the world, especially in tropical climates. Or wherever Palm Trees Grow Naturally.

Palm fronds are used for roof thatching on homes and other buildings. If the climate is suitable for that. They're also useful for making practical home items, such as:

  • Baskets
  • Floor mats
  • Sun hats
palm leaf handicrafts being made for sales to othersImage Credit: Sagnik.Samanta via CCby-SA4.0 License. Details at footer.

Some cultures have woven (no pun intended!) palm fronds into ceremonies:

  • For constructing parts of temporary shelters used during religious festivals.
  • With usage in parts of traditional dances
  1. Turned into ceremonial skirting for wearing
  2. Made into fans or flares to wave during symbolic dancing


Using palm fronds for cooking or for food preparation is common in various regions of the world.

  • The youngest spear shoots are cooked for eating
  • Fronds are used to wrap food for roasting in underground pits
  1. Have you ever been to a Hawaiian Luau where they wrap kalua pork in palm leaves?

What is a Palm Frond Usage in Modern Times?

Nowadays palms continue to be used in many ways. Even still going back to those ancient methods for frond usage.

Some are finding ways to use palm fronds for strength. To replace major substances in concrete mixtures. At least for reducing the cement part. Engineering students at the University of Bahraini are investigating this. They're interested in construction products that are better for the environment & more sustainable.

Also to assist with steel construction. Because palm fronds have been discovered to have exceptional tensile strength. Meaning fronds are quite bendable before breaking.

Testing has been done on fronds to see the amount of pull they can endure before getting to the breaking point. They found palm fronds are similar to the tensile steel of steel!

Engineers are looking into using palms as a rebar replacement within concrete. Particularly in small home construction for those of lower income. But research on best usage is continuing.

The fashion industry has also found a use for palm fronds. Designers are getting more creative all the time. They're using them to make unique eco-friendly hats & more. 

Rafia palm fronds are the particular source. Its frond fibers can be made into many types of usable items. It's biodegradable or recyclable.

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And of course, palm fronds have many ways for you to Use Palms in Home Decor. Giving that balmy Palm Feeling to any area of your house, porch or deck. Some use them when throwing parties, like a Hawaiian Luau, or a kids' Swim Party. Adults may like palm fronds for their Bar Decor.

Then naturally, palm fronds can have many uses within the garden. People don't normally think of palm trees for shade in their yard. When you think about using fronds for shading, there are methods for that!

Palm fronds are used to help make costumes for cultural shows. Often seen in tropical tourist areas. 

men performing a cultural dance wearing skirts of palm frondsA Tropically Influenced Cultural Production

What is a Palm Frond - The Takeaways

When you've asked "what is a palm frond?" We hope you've learned much more about what palm fronds, and their multiple uses. These fronds are common sights in tropical & subtropical regions. Now you've seen the history, being used for centuries for many handy purposes.

Palm trees and their fronds are another source of nature. If they're used in a reasonable and sustainable manner. To help the environment & those living throughout the earth.

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