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About Us - Who is it behind the scenes of this website?

We're Karen [That's Me>] and who else: Bill [That's Me>]! We're glad to meet you!

We're here for those who have a passion for all things related to palm trees. Just like us! As our website is named...

Mission: Palm Trees

Here at Mission: Palm Trees

Palm lovers can get the info needed to ease their searching tasks. While enjoying our articles & having fun, without unneeded shoptalk lingo & tiring research.

We love being in the realm of these beautiful tropical trees. We Love Learning More about Palms, and improving our website by our own studies & coursework. For the result of helping you when visiting Mission: Palm Trees, or Subscribing to Our Memo exclusives.

We feel fortunate to live in Tucson Arizona, where the climate suits the growth of palms. We love our town. But we also love to travel! And more often than not, where do we go? Quite frequently it's where we can relax under, stroll alongside, or view scientifically & scenically: palm trees!

Yes, our website's mission purpose is posted at the top of each of our web pages. (Just look above!) That palm trees are...


Most palm-related websites, books & forums use technical wording. Plus it isn't easy searching through them to find what you need. Therefore taking you lots of time to get answers.

Mission: Palm Trees speaks clearly so you can quickly & easily get reliable palm details for what you need. We continually learn more, researching palm biology, taking courses & finding the best answers and solutions related to palm trees.

Here with us, any palm lover can get the info you need to satisfy your concerns without tedious research. Even Ask Us Anything!

Our Overview

After we married, we began progressing in careers. Eventually with our own business: Karen as a sign painter, and Bill as a custom auto detailer. It enabled us to make those travel plans we were hoping for. Going south to Florida, southwest to Texas, even to Hawaii. We had two kids after marriage, which meant we usually took them along with us.

Finally after visiting Arizona, we made the decision to move to Tucson. It took some planning, and financial adjustment. But we made it happen, and we're so glad we did!

Key West couple portraitHere's a Time We Left Our Kids With the Grandparents On Our Key West Trip

At that time we needed a new career. It's when we went to school, becoming Respiratory Therapists. Working in local Tucson hospitals.

After practicing for a substantial time, we were offered teaching positions in an Associate Degree program for Respiratory Therapy. In Southern California! We said absolutely! Spent 10 years there, until time for retirement - when we returned to Tucson.

All in all we love our state: Arizona. We also love traveling to all those places where palm trees grow. Visiting groves, towns & cities, resorts, botanical gardens and more. All to learn more about palm trees. And to experience the tropical climate with its palm tree settings. Plus the stunning beauty and many opportunities for recreation these areas provide, that are right up our alley!

We love this type of fun. We invite you to come along for fun with us!

Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

We aim to provide valuable information about any palm tree subject you may wonder about. Plus related issues. For any interested people. For gardening, landscaping, hobbyist, tourist, recreational, travel, touring, natural, educational,  conservation, and ecological value.

We endeavor to do Authentic Research to the best of our ability.

If we discover errors, we fix them asap (we Welcome Input). In support of our research and authorship of content for you - we maintain productive/related memberships & credentials:

  • Members of The International Palm Society
  • Members of Hawaii Island Palm Society
  • Members of Friends of the San Pedro
  • Members of Local First Arizona

Please see our full Mission Statement>

About Us - Karen & Bill

I'm Karen

woman at a CreeksideHere I Am - In a Prime Birding Area

Although born in Scranton Pennsylvania, growing up on the U.S. Northeastern Coast, I always knew I'd end up in a warmer climate. Before we moved away, we'd head south for vacations. Savannah Georgia, anywhere in Florida, driving southwest to Texas. I'd get a happy feeling as soon as I started seeing palm trees along the way!

I've always loved outdoor activities, travel, history, nature, conservation and birding. All of which melds well with the interest I began developing in palm trees.

I'm the primary author/constructor/webmaster of this website. But Bill is involved, too!

I'm Bill

man standing by totemBill While Traveling to Not So Tropical an Area!

Bill is my husband. We've been married many years - were high school sweethearts. We enjoy many of the same activities and interests. That includes our travels where we can sit in a café by a bay or ocean beach lined with palm trees!

Bill contributes to the website. He helps with ideas, photos, offering critiques, researching information. He collaborates on our investigative trips to find needed info. He's imaginative and thinks of unique information and creations to offer readers.

Bill loves beautiful scenery, new adventures, etc. He adores the Southwest, and really loves Arizona! Exploring new tropically toned places to visit, such as Hawaii, is a favored past-time.



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