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Palm trees - yes that's our passionate mission! But we're the fun-loving sort, and want to make this an entertaining adventure for everyone. That includes you!

You're in a good place! To check into all kinds of go-rounds with palm trees.

Problems, adventures, knowledge, places, identification, stories, oddities, and so much more. Because, yes - the passion felt about palm trees makes it a fun, interesting lifestyle for so many of us. In one way or another.

Whatever your own unique take is, on this calming subject!

Do you enjoy going to places where we can see a new type of palm tree? You surely want to Identify It, if it's not one you already know or have heard of.

There's nothing better than to be surrounded by palms in a beautiful Palm Tree Grove. Do you think? Or relaxing on a Beach lined with these tropical trees. How about strolling down a palm tree lined walkway?

We're Karen & Bill. We live in Tucson Arizona. Here where we live, palm trees grow throughout our town. It gives our city a desert palmy ambience we like.

And yes - we've always loved them, the palms. And we love being where a palm tree can grow. That's one reason we live here! (See Our Story>)

We have the palmy ways that suit you, in your own particular world. To meet up with palm trees in the way you want. To help you get the best of your own enjoyment with your particular passion for palm trees. To have fun with it!

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What do palm trees mean to you? How do they make you feel?

Maybe they put you in a relaxing mood? Do you love feeling that tropical aura? You're likely imagining that warm yet cooling tropical breeze skimming through the palm leaves and brushing your skin!

Right now! While palm trees are coming to mind.

We're continuously surfing, reading about, learning and investigating live-world palmy stuff to know more. So we can be sure to get the latest, best and most helpful information to you here.

people riding horseback into a Hawaii valley with a palm tree

mission-palm-treeYes! Look up, and enjoy.

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Where Do Palm Trees Grow?

We're sure you knew palm trees grow in warm, tropical climates around the world. They're abundant, with approximately more than 2600 species naturally suited to grow from humid to arid regions.

These tropical plants didn't develop in environments where low temperatures are the norm. Where palm trees happily grow are in the tropics, the subtropics, and warm deserts of the world. Essentially north and south of the equator, between the Tropic of Cancer, south to the Tropic of Capricorn.

Yet Where Can They Grow - is another story altogether! Some areas where they survive pretty well are actually outside these tropical/subtropical regions.

Thanks for stopping by. Please bookmark our site and return regularly to see what's new! What else we've discovered in the palm tree realm!