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Or maybe you do know something about palms. You like seeing them, being around them & having them in your home. Or maybe you'd like to grow them, or are already growing one (or more!) on your property.

But still, there are all these questions or worries you might have! Like...

  • How should I plant a palm? Did I do it correctly? 
  • What can harm them? How do they successfully grow? 
  • What kind of money do I need to buy palms? What type of palm is suitable for where I live?


Two Young People concerned about Brown Leaf  Tips On Backyard Palm TreeAre These Brown Leaves a Problem?

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  • You love visiting palmy places: like botanical gardens, groves, or places with tropical Zen.
Palms adjacent to a fountain pool at Darwin Botanical GardensPalms Bring Even More Glory to Darwin Botanical Gardens in Australia
  • You like learning about unique palms you might not have heard of.
  • Your interest in palms is expanding. So you'd like to be able to know which palm you're looking at. But palm tree identification isn't easy.
  1. It can make you feel overwhelmed sometimes. 
  2. Yet so exciting when you can tell which palm you're seeing!
Looking up at palm tree crownsYes! Look up & enjoy.
  • You like to be surrounded by palm themes in your home, or in your personal styling.
  • You just like learning more about tropical plants!

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    Palm tree species for palm enthusiasts! This guide expands your awareness of palm plants. Even some you've maybe never heard of! Explore their traits now!

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horseback riding group into a Hawaiian valleyDiscovering Palms in Hawaii!

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Entrance road into a palm groveON THE WAY:
Imagine the balmy aura you'll feel surrounded on all sides by soothing palms! Find Where You Can Experience That...
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Celebrate the holiday season with palm tree lights. Whether for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or another - it's a festive highlight!
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What can you do with palm tree fruits? Yes, eat them! Still, here are other creative ideas, plus uniquely delish recipes for you to try out.
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Why would you need to use a fake palm tree? Sometimes an imitation is needed. See these ideas for crafts, parties & more.

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