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12 Fascinating Facts About Palm Trees

Which Palm Tree Facts Do You Already Know?

NOT TRUE TREES - Here's a Palm Tree News Flash! Even though often called palm trees, they're biologically not actually trees at all.

NO GROWTH RINGS - When a typical tree is cut down, you'll see them. Yearly growth rings that tell you its age. Palms do not have these.

SORT-OF RELATED TO GRASS - Some say palms are a kind of grass. Not exactly. Here's the scientific relationship, up the scale.

Taxonomic Rank comparing palm trees to grass

STEEL-LIKE LIKE STRUCTURE - In hurricanes palms are often shown bending in the wind. Without breaking. Palms have many channel bundles. These circulate their nourishment. They're often compared to steel rebar. They sit in fibers that can be compared to squishy concrete.

MULTIPLE SPECIES - Over 2500 species have been identified. Yet still more are being discovered! Sadly, some are endangered & some are extinct.

IDENTIFICATION - To ID a palm "tree" you first figure out the Type of Leaf Parts it has. The fronds are the most important initial evaluation. Also look at its trunk style. And take it from there.

WHERE PALMS LIVE - About the only place they're not found is in the artic. All throughout the tropics & subtropics. But yet Places Palms Can Grow are in Temperate Zones too!

LONG LIFE - Some palm species can live as long as 150 years or more! The Date Palm is known for its long life, even up to 200 years.

PALM FOOD - Parts of the palm can be used as food. Fruits From Palms are edible in some species. Other palm tree news often speaks of palm oil or palm wine.

HOW TALL? - The tallest palm in the world is quite amazing! It's so awesomely tall, we highlighted it before in one of our Palm Tree Features. You can get exclusive Access to the Whole Story>

SOME FRONDS SELF MANAGE - No need to worry about Pruning the Palms. Like the Washingtonia robusta (Mexican Fan Palm), for instance. Those with a Crown Shaft also take care of their own fronds.

WHAT IS A CROWN SHAFT? - An area at the top of the trunk, below the crown. 

  • It has a shiny, vibrant (usually a shade of green) color. Quite noticeable.
  • Not all palms have Crown Shafts. In fact most do not.
  • When palms with crowns shafts have dead fronds, they'll fall off on their own. No pruning for you!
  1. You'll just have to pick up after them!

News About Palm Fronds

We like to provide Guides to the Parts of a Palm Frond. Our way to help both visual learners, and those who learn by reading. 

Learning a palm frond's anatomy is only the beginning. Because knowing all about these complex plants is a large job. We're still learning!

One of the basics should be mastered right off the bat. This initial fact is easy to learn before going forward with the palm frond's other parts. What is it? How to recognize the difference between the two common types of palm fronds.

Example of pinnate frond and palmate frondCan You See the Difference Between the Two?

The Pinnate frond has a common name, it's called a Feather Palm. The Palmate frond's more common ID is to call it a Fan palm. Can you see why those common names came into use?

Latest News on Cutting Palm Fronds

Cutting palm fronds may seem like a simple task, at first glance. But certain techniques & tools make the job easier, safer & more efficient. Plus it's important to be aware of how it can affect the health of your palm.

We have some initial tips for you for Cutting Palm Fronds.

One very important thing is to scan your palm to figure out which fronds need to be cut off. So vital not to remove more than 20% of palm fronds each year. After all, green fronds are where their food factory is!

Over Pruned Palm TreeYikes! This poor palm must get quite hungry.
Reminds us of a huge feather-duster. 😮
  • If dead & diseased fronds can fall on their own. There's always a slight possibility they'll cause someone injury!
  • Only cut off palm fronds that are fully brown.
  • If leaf disease is confirmed, then remove them.

Check the process that's needed before beginning.

  • Consider hiring a professional palm removal service if your palm is very tall.
  1. Just be sure they're not "too rambunctious" - removing still healthy fronds.
  • Cleanly cut at a downward 45o angle, preventing water pooling on the cut's surface.

By the way: Note

These example palm images still have green areas. Cutting them is a No-No!

description of how not to trim palm tree leaves
illustrating the right way to trim palm fronds

Takeaways for regular Palm Tree News

This essential palm tree news, has facts & details about the basic structure of palms. Also info about a common need, such as trimming palm leaves. We hope it was helpful.

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