Top Tropical Places to Travel

Ready to see some top tropical places to travel? Why not swap the daily hustle & bustle of everyday life? For places brimming with palm trees, refreshing scenery, and interesting local culture.

What's the allure of tropical travel? Relaxing to crashing/lapping sound of waves, under the sultry sun! How about a dream vacation to one of the top tropical places to travel?!

Want a setting with many varieties of palms? As members of two palm societies, we love the tours/events each of them sponsor. The chance to mingle with horticulturists in palm-bursting areas. Like the International Palm Society's trip for palmy views/info for places like for New Caledonia.

We've got your tips for the safest top tropical places to travel. Which are you considering?

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Top tropical places to travel to be amid palm trees

Discover Paradise: Top Tropical Places to Travel

AN FYI - We personally always use to secure our lodging & flights, wherever we go. They have the same basic pricing as other accommodation options, in fact they'll match anything you may see with a lower price.

But then they give you more!

We love them because as you use them, they soon begin awarding you advantages. First the Genius status, then to Genius VIP, etc. In other words, the more you use them, the more savings benefits they offer. All why we recommend them to others.

Which of these top tropical places to travel will you choose for your next vacation? And you can see all the wide variety of paradise alternatives when you keep scrolling down!

You can choose tropical destinations that are luxurious, budget conscious, fun, and/or restful. Plus safe couple or family-friendly areas. Whatever your preferences. How about your own tropical longings? Like...

  1. People often stay in the Salento Area>

Safety First: Discover the Safest Tropical Destinations

We've investigated places to be amidst palm tropics, with a mind toward safe travel. Our suggestions all have that in mind. Be sure to see our Best Tips for Safe World Travel.

Pacific Islands: Remote and Beautiful

Top Hawaiian Island Tropical Destinations 

There's nothing quite like the magical islands of Hawaii. It's probably our favorite, as it's easy for us to fly to, plus we have those Hawaiian Airline Points to use! We always find a fabulous place to stay by Using>

Have you gone Aloha before, and are ready to go again? The Aloha State is known for laid-back atmosphere, traditional luaus, and mesmerizing sunsets. At every turn there are relaxing beaches & enticing hiking trails.

  • Aromatic Kona coffee tastings in the authentic place for it, right in Kona on the Big Island. Swimming nearby at Kohanaiki Beach Park.
  • You're bound to find an Excellent Maui Stay. Palm tree tropics at every turn!

But Every Island has its tropical delights with palm tree views in gardens & groves.

View from a hotel window in Waikiki, Oahu, HawaiiA Look Out the Window of our Waikiki Hotel Just Before Sunset

South Pacific: Exotic and Enchanting


To arrive, you'll fly into the one International Airport in Papeete, on the Island of Tahiti.

Find your paradise in Bora Bora. Sight the turquoise waters of the lagoon & majestic Mount Otemanu! A top tropical place to travel for romantic getaways or celebratory trips. It's a legendary trip, but also the most expensive island. But deals can be found!

Exotic Bora Bora for the ultimate palmy tropical vacationLegendary Bora Bora - The Ultimate Exotic Tropical Trip

Polynesian authenticity! By staying in a Guesthouse, known as a "Pension." Family run, most of the islands have them. Typically they're an economical stay. Often run as a B&B.

See these islands' top tropical places to visit, no missing out on palm trees here! Consider budgeting the cost of getting from Papeete to another island.

You'll find fabulous choices for white sand beaches. Choose some of our noted island values. Or continue using the search for your choice booking on Raiatea, Taha’a, Rurutu, Huahine, Moorea or Rangiroa.

Short flight from Papeete For A Tubuai Stay

Cultural, Historical & Active Awesomeness!

BORA BORA - From Top Luxury to Real Deals!


You'll Definitely Find Your Stay on Tahiti!


Best Coastal Australian Beach Destinations

Manly Corso, the Way to Get to Iconic Manly BeachTrekking out along the Manly Corso to Manly Beach!

With over 10,000 palm-laden beaches to explore, you may have difficulty deciding! You'll find beautiful tropical destinations along Australia's Pacific Coast, and at the "Top End" (centered at Darwin).

Will these Aussie top tropical places to travel be your ideal?

  • Ourselves, we'd recommend Port Douglas on the Pacific. With its exquisite Four Mile Beach, with beautiful white sands backed by palms. Plus the town is a fabulous take-off point to see the Great Barrier Reef. Do like we did, stay in Port Douglas & take the reef boat out.
Karen of Mission: Palm Trees at Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas Queensland AUI'm a "Happy Camper" Roaming Port Douglas Attractions😁. Like here at Four Mile Beach!
  • On the Pacific Coast, the Gold Coast in Queensland never disappoints. Boasting miles of golden beaches & a cool surfer culture. And worlds of Tropical Places to Stay>
  • If you prefer a major metropolitan area for beaches in Tropical Queensland, Try Bribie Island. Near the city, but set aside for calming Woorim Beach relaxation.

Want more "chill"? Nearby Byron Bay has a laid-back vibe and pristine beach front.

Don't forget about Iconic Bondi Beach in Sydney, a must see. The more Remote Hyams Beach in New South Wales is raved about for having the whitest sand in the world. 2-1/2 miles south of Sydney.


Many Darwin area beaches are tropically gorgeous! That's in the Northern Territory. See our suggestions of places you must consider. 😮

At the Top End, you'll want beaches with lifeguard patrols. They're on in the dry season. Here are the best:

  • Casuarina Beach, a stunning white sand beach. (FYI: a nude beach is adjacent. 🫢) We know an Excellent Stay With Sunset Views from the balcony overlooking the beach!
  • Nightcliff Beach is a scenic, very wide beach. Only 7km/4.5miles south of Casuarina Beach. Highly recommend the Beachfront Hotel Restaurant right across the street from Northcliff Foreshore Park. We had an enjoyable meal there.
  • Mindil Beach is famous for its sunset markets with evening food stalls galore! The bonus is stunning sunset views. And a short hop to Darwin Botanical Garden for abundant palms!
  1. Get the closest, most fun Stay Right Across From Mindil Beach>

Try any of these destinations we've shown you. For a unique taste of Australia’s beaches, with stunning natural beauty.

Best Tropical Beach Towns in the Americas

The Caribbean - A Sultry Dream

Here's a paradise for wayfarers looking for top tropical places to travel. Do you want warm, turquoise waters, plentiful marine life, and unique cultural experiences? You'll find it somewhere in the Caribbean. With countless treasures to offer, these are some destinations where safety & economy harmoniously coexist.


An island nation, it's About the Safest Caribbean places to visit. Known for welcoming locals, low crime rates, beautiful beaches, historical sites, & a lively nightlife.


Known for all-inclusive resorts catering to a wide range of budgets. Punta Cana, in particular, offers a blend of affordable luxury.

The government has instituted professional tourist police corps & a 911 system in many areas. For the safest stay it's best to find a resort area, for best security.


A fabulous budget-friendly option. Negril & Montego Bay are favorites. Each has a mix of affordable lodgings, endless beaches & rich cultural activities. The precautions are to be wary of crime areas. Staying in resort areas is best.

Negril Area For Some Budget Saving Stays

Sure to Find A Great Stay in Montego Bay


U.S. Virgin Islands

These Virgin Islands have a reputation for being safe. You'll love Cruz Bay. With mesmerizing Trunk Bay nearby. Its fascinating underwater snorkeling trail is the best activity!

In the U.S. Virgin Islands, a view of the national park.Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve

British Virgin Islands

Also a good choice. There's a Bit of Luxury, and there's Economy Style right on the beach!

Turks and Caicos

Another destination for both safety & great value. Watch for Choicest Stays Available, when off-peak season.

Aaerial View of the Turks and CaicosAerial View of the Turks and Caicos Islands

Mexico & Central America: Rich in Culture & Nature

Mexico has stunning coastlines, exotic culture & delicious eats. There's a ton of top tropical places to travel, including beach towns. Whether you're particular about safety, affordability, or a mix of both, Mexico has various options for every traveler.


Quintana Roo

The Yucatan is about the safest tourist place in the country. A nice spot is Playa del Carmen, located in the Riviera Maya. Quite popular for its palm-lined beaches, coral reefs, and pedestrian-friendly Quinta Avenida. Mix relaxation & fun!

We love both those islands! Highly recommend them for different natural settings & cool stuff to do.

Punta Sur Ecological Beach ParkHere at Punta Sur Ecological Beach Park We Loved Snorkeling the Colombia Deep Reef

Tulum, while slightly more expensive, offers a unique blend of beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, and a laid-back vibe. But still you can Find Fantastic Bargains Here!

State of Campeche

Campeche is adjacent to Quintana Roo. It's a safer Mexican Travel area. The capital city, also called Campeche, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stay in the Historic Central, while being close to Caribbean seashore.

An alternative for a more laid back trip is Ciudad del Carmen. Here's a Great Value by the Beach.


The Resort City of Puerto Vallarta is known for beautiful beaches, water sports, and nightlife scene. Considered a safer resort destination in Mexico, because of its dependence on tourism.

Mazatlán, a Perfect Beach Town for budget-conscious travelers. Within the town, there's a good safety record for tourists.

  • Get affordability without compromising on long sandy beaches or activities.
  • Nicknamed "Pearl of the Pacific" because of its port, staggering sunset views, having a lively Carnival, the unique lighthouse & superior historic area.
  • Walk the longest boardwalk in the world.
Mazatlan coast in Sinoloa MexicoVintage Pic of a beachside area in Mazatlán Mexico


Central America is a treasure trove of beach towns possessing natural beauty, diverse ecosystems, and vibrant cultures. Be it thrill or tranquility, Central America offers a variety of top tropical places to trave that are safe. For the appeal of an affordable getaway.

Costa Rica

For that secure feeling when you're off to tropical adventures, this country is frequently recognized as safer.

  • For eco-travelers Cahuita, a small town On the Caribbean Coast, offers a laid-back atmosphere and a national park teeming with wildlife.
  • The beach town of Tamarindo, on the Pacific Coast, is known for Stunning Luxury Resorts, spectacular beaches, and excellent surf.

El Salvador

For travelers seeking safe, yet economical travel, El Tunco is your best bet. It's well-known among backpacker & surfer communities for unique Budget-Friendly Accommodations. Plus you'll love the tantalizing street food!


The areas NOT recommended for safe travel are along the northern Mosquito Gulf, as well as the Darién Region, which borders Colombia. Both because of high crime rates.

We know someone who lives part-time in Panama. He's never expressed any worrisome concerns.

The archipelago of Bocas del Toro offers a collection of islands perfect for budget travelers looking for tropical relaxation, plus outdoor adventure.

  • We think you'll love this Exotic Boutique Hotel. Its waterside has knockout sunset views!
  • Then there's This Accommodation near Sea & Town. Get an unending blend of pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and diverse marine life. 

Tropical Bliss
Explore Idyllic Southeast Asia Beach Destinations


One of the tropically luxurious, yet cheap places to travel.

There are some concerns, though. New laws have been initiated that affect travelers. Be cautious when renting a motorcycle or a place to stay. You must deal with businesses officially registered & licensed.

That includes staying only in hotels & villas approved and registered by authorities. That means CHSE certified. Which may rule out many B&Bs, Guesthouses & Airbnb.

We've selected a few authorized, you can think about:

Tibumana Waterfall in Bali IndonesiaCatch Bali Sights Like This: Tibumana Waterfall


Experience this flourishing culture! Well known as a top tropical place to travel. Phuket has palmy stays, like This Beach Condo.

Want that traditional Thai massage? Nothing better than one in Thailand itself!  Here, you can try diving, savor Thai street food, and visit the iconic Big Buddha.

Indian Ocean Tropical Spots With Exotic Palm Trees

The Indian Ocean is home to some of the world's most stunning beaches. Offering a mix of safety, affordability, and breathtaking beauty. Whether you're looking for luxury or a bargain, these beach towns offer options suiting every traveler's needs. Would that be you?


The Seychelles are wonderful! For secluded beaches, abundant wildlife, and beloved palm flora & exotic fauna. You could say it’s a must-visit!

Beach in the Seychelles islandsStunning Seychelles Beach

Also tops for safety, with its low crime rate & friendly locals. See this Little Luxury Villa! There are plenty more choices for all budgets! Go ahead and Check Around>

Praslin Island, known for palm-fringed beaches, is favored by snorkeling & diving enthusiasts. Get there from Mahe by ferry in less than an hour. Flying is more expensive, but cuts travel time to 15 minutes.


South of the Seychelles & East of Madagascar, this relatively small island has lots to offer. A great choice if you like the perfect balance between tranquility and odysseys.

  1. Known for its calm waters, vibrant nightlife, and Budget-Friendly Accommodations.
  • This Sunset/Ocean View Stay, is an amazing, yet low-cost choice. In a more laid-back area, Tamarin, on the Southwest side of the island.


This state in Australia is known for some top tropical places to travel. Did you know feral camels roam in the bush? We were amazed to see one just outside the WA border, into the Northern Territory!

Bathers Beach on the Indian Ocean in Freemantle, Western AustraliaBill Poses for a Pic beachside at Bathers Bay of the Indian Ocean. In Freemantle.

Take a look at Stunning Cable Beach, where you can ride trained camels along the shore at sunset. It's a bit pricy there. For economical options, zip on down the road, right over to Broome Stays.

You can search for Deals throughout the state:

Tropical South American Getaways for Stress-Free Travel

South America is a continent of many distinct landscapes, cultures, and climates. With some of the most beautiful tropical beach towns in the world. Whether you're looking for safety, affordability, or a mix of both, South America's tropical beach towns offer plenty of travel opportunities, whatever your preference.


Previously a Dutch Colony, it's great for seeing palms amidst their many Amazon Rainforest reserves. And know that if you rent a car, you'll be driving on the left. The only South American country driving this way!

Paramaribo is the Place To Stay! As a World Heritage Site. The Zoo has tropic aura with Amazon Rainforest flora & fauna.


Landlocked in central South America. If you want an uncrowded trip, try it. It's often not thought of as a tourist destination. You won't be surrounded by vendors, showing their wares.

Yet there are natural wonders to see, including varieties of palms in the rainforests. Ñacunday National Park is a prime example, with its rushing waterfall. (Reminds me of the Chocolate Falls in Arizona!)

For a cultural experience, ask a local about their home-made national drink: Terere!

Recommend staying in this nearby town, Ciudad del Este. With tons of Economical Quality Stays, some close to the Friendship Bridge (connecting to Brazil) over the flowing Parana River.


Uruguay is a fairly safe country. The exceptions are the Montevideo, Canelones & Riviera Departments. All else is fair game.

For instance the seaside town of Punta del Este has pristine beaches, beautiful resorts, and a vibrant nightlife.

Punta del Este's nicknames give you the idea: Monaco of South America & Miami Beach of Uruguay. Here's a Recommended Scenic Hotel Value>


Tropical areas are In the north of the country. There's quite a number of areas to see/choose!

  • San Antonio Oeste area beaches are the attractions. A curiosity is San Antonio Bay. Almost all the water ebbs out at low tide. Perfect for exploring the seafloor, walking en el suelo del mar (on the sea's ground).
  • The oceanside resort of Mar del Plata has stunning tropically influenced beaches. Playa Punta Mogotes is a gem, usually not overcrowded. Playa Grande is another, huge - like it's named!
Waves breaking to rush onshore in Mar del Plata ArgentinaSee the breaking waves coming onshore in Mar del Plata, Argentina
  • For tropical rainforest palms, a top tropical place to travel is Puerto Iguazú
  1. Only 11 miles from must-see Iguazú National Park, with magnificent waterfalls on the Iguazú River.
  2. A fabulous visit: Hito Tres Fronteras at the confluence of Paraná River & Iguazú River.

Salta on Rio Arias, with river access at Las Tres Palmeras.

Don't miss Mendoza's San Martín Park. The best setting for palms, as they surround the namesake's tribute to the liberators of Argentina, Chile, and Peru. But so much more to see & do there!

Visiting Jujuy, near the Rio Grande, a fabulous experience! Another gorgeous tribute park is Plaza 9 de Julio, also surrounded by palms.


Safety Measures For Tropical Travel

You can travel to top tropical places for traveling for calming, but still exhilarating times. Prioritizing your safety helps for an enjoyable & memorable trip.

Are there possible health risks you may encounter within your chosen destination?

  • Some areas of the tropics can have disease risks like malaria, dengue, or Zika virus. Be sure of required and/or suggested essential vaccinations.
  • For helpful prevention, pack and use insect repellent. Because tropical climates are the ideal environment for mosquitos and other insects.
  • Be cautious about where you swim. Avoid stagnant water and areas with warning signs for dangerous marine life.

Protect yourself from the sun by wearing a hat, sunglasses, and using a high SPF sunscreen.

woman wearing a large sunhat and sunglasses with sunscreen lotion to be ready for a day at the beach.


  • And of course, stay hydrated. For water, stick to bottled or purified water. My hubby Bill, forgot that advice on a Trip To Cozumel & he sure regretted that! 😵
  • Just as you would at home, avoid raw or undercooked food.
  • Being respectful toward local customs & remembering proper etiquette always helps. Each culture has its own ways, the norms for that area. That goes a long way in top tropical places to visit, for a safe journey.
A way to help for traveling safetyProgram for Americans

Remember, as they always say: Be aware of your surroundings. No distractions.

Finally, we recommend including a look at the U.S. State Department's Travel Advisories to help with choosing your travel destination. Changes can occur for a country's safety at a moment's notice. More helpful safe travel information is provided by a division of the State Department. Check The Smart Traveler, by the U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs.

Tips for Tropical Travel Planning

Already dreaming of palm trees and island vibes? Now that you've figured out your enticing tropical destination, let's walk through planning suggestions for your trip.


The essential start of it all. Have you saved enough? We always concoct our travel budget by using automatic deposit into a special account in a credit union. We don't use that facility for anything else. Arranging it where it takes effort to access those funds.

On your trip, you'll aim for the most value out of your money. The best deals are in off-peak seasons, making even the top tropical places affordable. You'll have uncrowded beaches & attractions, with better deals on accommodations.

Is the Budget Balanced?

Another consideration is if you need any required vaccinations. It's also best to have travel insurance.


Do your research to find accommodations to suit your needs. From budget-friendly hostels to luxurious resorts, each tropical place offers many picks. Remember to include the types of relaxation & amenities you desire.

As mentioned, we recommend & always Use for finding our favorite stays.

Planning for experiences is often undervalued. You don't want to miss out. Your trip dates may affect bookings for snorkeling & scenic boat tours. You'll want to consider the trade-off for what's available vs. what you like to do. Check in advance, On Local Experiences so you don’t miss out.


Those details matter too. The Best Flights aren’t just about the price but also consider layovers, total flight time, seating choices, etc. The airline's safety record may be something to know. And you'd certainly like good customer service. Once arriving, these are also considerations:

Pack based on the local weather and the activities you're planning. Be efficient in bringing only absolute needs. Not overpaying for luggage charges.

  • In most tropical places, lightweight clothing, flip-flops, sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, and a good book are must-haves.
  • If you plan on Botanical Gardens or hiking, insect repellent & sturdy shoes are essential.


Research local culture & customs for your destination. It’s part of the thrill of traveling to see traditions different from your own. To enrich your travel experience.

You want to be sure to show respect to the local community. Knowing important cultural idiosyncrasies will help to ensure you don't inadvertently insult anyone.


Your safety IS a priority. As world-wide circumstances continually change, be sure to check travel advisories.

Takeaways for Top Tropical Places to Travel

Are golden sands, swaying palms, and crystal blue waters calling for you? So many choices around the world! You'll want to find your own top tropical places to travel. Planning, budgeting, safety, getting there, plus choosing the country and area you want to see are best done well in advance.

Yes, advance planning can turn your tropical palmy dream into reality.

As we said, for any of the top tropical places to travel, we think you can't beat for the best deals & options. Using them, you'll absorb those tropical travel side-effects! For that nice calming glow to take home with you. 😊

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