Uplighting for Palm Trees

Have you noticed uplighting for palm trees? Maybe along a city's downtown streets, at a glamorous eye-catching local property, or at a palm filled tropical resort. You admired that sight, those palms beautifully illuminated after dark.

Then possibly wondered how uplighting could give the beauty of your outdoor space a nighttime uplift for your palms. With a dramatic effect. Plus a side benefit of an inviting way to have a safe environment & ward off potential intruders.

Uplighting for outdoor palms involves installing lights around the palm trunk's base. Then aiming them upwards to light palm trees' unique forms. While using dramatic shadows vs brightness to make an enticing outdoor landscape visual. Plus its safety feature!

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Palm lovers can get the info needed to ease their searching tasks. While enjoying our articles & having fun, without unneeded shoptalk lingo & tiring research.

Asian resort with nighttime palms around a poolWould You Enjoy an Evening By This Asian Resort's Pool Area, With Uplit Palms?

Why Bother With Uplighting for Palm Trees?

Why would you want upward lighting for your palm trees?

What a delightful method for enhancing your Palm Tree Landscaping aesthetics. Having your beautiful palm trees stand out after sundown. You'll love the way uplighting highlights the tropical feeling of your Outdoor Palm Tree Decor.

lit up palm trees in the nightThe Shape of the Trunk on Each Palm is Highlighted Beautifully

There's that aesthetic appeal, for sure. But outdoor landscape lighting also increases your property's safety. Dark areas in your garden or yard could make for hazardous walks. Like running into unseen objects, or tripping.

So with installation, you'll plan to help reduce that risk of accidents. Making your outdoor space safer, so evening special events will be comfortable for all. It's the perfect way to have enjoyment of your yard & garden, even after sunset. Your delight will double when having a quiet evening on your patio or deck!

pool-side architecture with lit palms at nightYour Lighting Goals to Include Outdoor Walkways Being Well-Lit

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Before Shopping for Palm Tree Lights, your best way for planning is familiarity with all the basic Palm Tree Structures. Those terms will help you position lighting fixtures for best placement & lighting design. To help with following & understanding directions.

But then, you could hire a professional for installation! We'll cover that, as well as DIY.

Palm Tree Uplighting Landscape Design

You've got some initial palm tree lighting ideas. Be sure you've thought about these considerations:

  • First evaluate the overall design of your outdoor space. Looking at the whole landscape for your desired effect.
  • Next think how uplighting could complement the other lovely features of your landscape.
  • Aim to create a balanced look, for a pleasant panorama during evening hours.
Night time Washingtonia filiera in Turkey

The most common reason to use an Uplighting Technique is to Highlight the Top of the palm tree (crown) after dark. So the appeal of a palm's fronds won't be wasted when the sun goes down.

Night of Lit Up Palm CrownsNot letting lighting overpower the palms or your landscape.
Like here, using just the right light power to focus on crowns, with flowing leaves (fronds).

Uplighting for Palm Trees that brings overly bright light distribution can be harsh & unpleasant. Like those high power landscape lighting systems similar to lighting at sports fields. Maybe undesirable for best results in your landscape architecture.

Yet too little strength in light sources might not provide the nighttime ambience (never mind safety) you were looking for.

It's all about balance. 👍

Your Uplighting Design Options

several palm trees in a landscape lit  by uplightingMatching the Home & People Personality, Nicely Understated
Reflecting the Stunning Style for Palm Landscape Lighting

Whichever lighting style you choose, you'll want it to reflect on your landscape's overall style, along with your personal taste. Think about these popular design ideals For Uplighting Palms.

Use lights having a different color temperature. To accentuate different landscape areas. For instance a white warm color glow nearby your patio, deck or pool area. And Yellow or Blue Lights to focus further toward your yard or garden border.

For a passionate, dynamic impression, surround each palm with three differently colored lights. Perhaps one blue, one white & one red. Focus each light on a different area of every palm. Or choose a Light With Rotating Colors.

Another option is choosing only Warm White Lights throughout your property. Or instead of, or along with uplighting, add some White String Lights. To promote a subtle and/or classic look.

horse in a corral looking over at a row of lit up palm treesThis Rancher's Horse Gets String Lights Thru the Palms
Credit: Junaid at Yaraa
Uplighting for Palm Trees at Peabody Hotel in Orlando FloridaIs Their Uplighting for Palm Trees Over the Top?
At Peabody Hotel Orlando, FL

Aiming Your Lighting for Property Palms

Another thing to consider, is the exact trajectory for the uplighting. Experiment with a slight angle, or extreme, viewing what works best for your palm. Remember it's not set in stone. When your featured Palm Tree Grows further upward, you may want to change how the lights are aimed.

Usually people like to focus on a palm tree's crown. When highlighting The Palm's Fronds, you may find you've created a subdued silhouette effect.

Lots of small palms with their fronds lit up from aboveHere's a Different Trajectory Altogether - Downlighting (instead of uplighting)
For Focusing on All These Small Palm's Fronds.


But there are other areas to call attention to with uplighting.

  • You could aim lights at Your Palm's Crownshaft, if your palm has one.
  • Or the area where flowering branches grow from.
  • Some like accentuating the palm tree trunk, from bottom to top. Demonstrating the height.
palm tree trunks in an area wrapped with string lights for brightening the night.The Palm Trunks are the Focus With String Lights Wrapped All Around

Palm Tree Light Fixtures - Products & Costs

Evaluating Choices of Products

Several types of lights are available when choosing palm light fixtures. For consistency of their lifespan & their Energy Efficiency LED Lights are a very good choice. They're quite popular.

Well-liked styles are Recessed Lights, Bollard Lights or outdoor columnar lights.

Another option is palm tree ring lights - BUT...

  • At first glance some tree rings look like an easy method with greater flexibility.
  • We don't recommend their installation which can introduce Palm Tree Problems like fungal disease.
  • A good choice is a different type of ring light, that appears much better. No digging into a trunk of a palm tree. Instead they fit around the base of the tree. See One Here>  

You can choose Solar-Powered Lights for an eco-friendly solution. Which can also save your power costs.

  • However, in our experience, it seems difficult to find a solar spotlight that has enduring light. Some solar spot lights give out entirely after a few months usage.
  • Do you know a brand which overcomes this sad solar lighting flaw?
  • If so, please let others in the palm community know on Our Facebook Page>

How Much Does Palm Tree Uplighting Cost?

Is it the time for budgeting for your Landscaping Enhancement (idea) by purchasing uplighting? Consider that the final cost changes according to these variables:

  • The type of lamp design chosen
  • How many outdoor trees you intend to feature
  • The number of aiming-capable ground-recessed luminaires you'd like for all the focus points

One recessed waterproof outdoor lamp can cost from about $40 at the low end, to around $500.


DIY Installation of Palm Tree Uplighting or Hiring a Pro?

There are two uplighting technique options for installation we're aware of!  Either do it yourself, or hire a professional.

A more cost-effective uplighting option is purchasing palm tree lights to install them yourself. Do you have basic tools & that confident, problem-solving DIY habit? You'll save on labor costs.

Otherwise hiring a professional to get your up-lighting fixtures set in place & adjusted will cost you. But it may be worth it to you. If you don't want to take the time, or don't want the bother of doing it yourself. Some uplighting system companies offer installation service. Why not compare costs, along with reviews to make your decision.

DIY Tips When Installing Uplighting for Palm Trees

Are you that person who loves getting into DIY projects? Doing this on your own can be quite gratifying.


As a Do-It-Yourselfer, you likely have a wide assortment of tools. Probably having all you'll need. Some needed tool-chest & garden specialties are:

  • Shovel - As you'll be digging wiring trenches & scooping out soil for the light placement.
  • Drill - Needed for securing lights in place.
  • Wire Cutters - Obvious choice for cutting wire lengths & stripping off insulation.

The palm light fixtures you've chosen should have step-by-step instructions to help. They'll outline additional tools you'll need.

If Trenches for Wiring are Required, remember to check with your local utility location system. Who will come out & mark where your underground utilities are. (Here in Arizona we use "Blue Stake" or we can simply dial 811 on our phone.) You don't want to chance hitting utility's electrical wiring or inadvertently damaging a water pipe.

Turning Off Your Electrical Power is another essential when you're installing upward lighting.

Then Your Job is Following the manufacturer's instructions. They know what it takes to be sure you'll install their high quality lights correctly.

Professional Uplighting Installation

Not everyone is a DIYer. For various reasons.

If you're not, take that option of hiring a professional. They're experts for the job, well-trained & experienced. They'll ease your mind for a high quality install:

  • You can be confident they'll install your uplighting correctly
  • You'll feel at ease that safely is a priority for the job. For them, as they're working. And especially for you when using these light sources.
  • Many can give you landscape design tips, as well. Which could work better for your intended lighting design outcome.


  • Someone suggested in the Uplighting Kit's instructions.
  • A Landscape Architecture Pro, or a Landscaping Company that deals with lighting.
  • An electrician who has experience with outdoor landscape lighting & installation.

Maintenance & Safety for Your Installed Lights 

Now that you've gotten your palm trees lit up at night, remember there's still a bit of work to do. 

Two Regular Maintenance Tasks

  • Observe your uplighting after dark. Noting if any area seems unexpectedly unlit.
  1. When sun-up returns, check those lights to troubleshoot the problem. The manufacturer instructions may have a trouble-shooting guide. Or provide a support toll-free number.
  • Walk your property to observe the light lens surface.
  1. Clean the surface: remove dirt, dust or debris that's affecting light strength & quality.

Uplighting for Palm Trees - The Takeaways

Uplighting for palm trees is an effective way to showcase the tropical touch of elegance of your landscape. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or prefer to hire a professional, you'll love the rewarding results.

With advance planning, plus added-in creativity, you'll find your outdoor space in the evening hours gets more livable & inviting. Added safety only adds to the benefits.

With your objective in mind, you'll look forward to seeing your palm trees strategically illuminated at after sundown. And be delightfully pleased with the results.

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