Sunset Beach Palm Beach Florida

Sunset Beach Palm Beach in Florida is probably the most publicized, best well-known town that has an oceanfront called Sunset Beach. The town itself is a place known for where the "rich & famous" people live! With choice views along the Atlantic Ocean.

So, will you enjoy a relaxing day at Sunset Beach in Palm Beach? Let's look into that.

Because Sunset Beach in Palm Beach Florida has on occasion been a newsy item.

Florida law says all people have legal access to any Florida beach shore. From high-tide/erosion line to the shoreline break.

Aerial view of waves breaking on beach sandWhen Walking Along the Sand in Palm Beach, This is About the Extent of the Beach You're Allowed on!

We're Editorializing here! (Because to us, that isn't so great a law! Smacks of elitism! Many US states don't have such a thing as "Private Beaches." Just bring your blanket, settle down & enjoy your day.)

Beach walkers like to walk along the wave's shore-break. Maybe for morning daily exercise. Or in the evening to view a gorgeous beach sunset or sunrise with palm trees in view.


Sunset Beach Palm Beach property owners one day decided they didn't care for just anyone being able to walk along that shore. They put up signs at the public access declaring the beach was private.

Saying "No Trespassing." Yet they only own Sunset Beach to the high-tide line.

people looking up at palms as the sun sets
Overhead view of Palm BeachBe Careful - You Won't be Able to Plop Your Beach Blanket Along This Strand.

Here at Mission: Palm Trees

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Sometimes these owners even harass those walking the shoreline.

That's according to Christine, a news reporter. Saying she's had that experience.

She expressed that it's like an us vs. them mentality. And that lately it's "getting much worse because so many people are here now." She also said it's "intimidating." Meaning: "You're really not welcome here."

vintage postcard of palm beach when it had a pier.A Vintage Image of the Beach in Palm Beach, When the Pier was Intact & People Could Go There for the Day.

Try This Sunset Beach Palm Beach Instead

Vintage postcard welcoming people to the beaches in Palm BeachWill You Still Get This Friendly Greeting Today?

Want a Palm Beach area beach with palm trees, that's better than Sunset Beach? Where you won't feel intimidated or unwelcome.

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Municipal Beach in Palm Beach

Are you Near Palm Beach Florida  looking for things to do? You'll likely want to Lounge on the Beach? Take a nice dip in the waves?

We'll tell you about a much better beach than that private property set-up we just mentioned. Check this one out when you're vacationing in Palm Beach in Florida.

You're sure to notice the historic Palm Beach Clock Tower!

Our Best Sunset Beach Palm Beach Alternative

That was the Municipal Beach in Palm Beach. Just south of the main part of the town. 

It's very clean and has lifeguards for safety. Plus it's often not at all crowded! Palms add to the tropically named atmosphere, as they're all along the sandy beach to roadway line. Come on & bring Your Beachside Lounger, and enjoy your day.

From West Palm Beach, where there are more economical places to stay, travel east on either the Flagler Memorial Bridge or Royal Park Bridge (further south). If you're staying in West Palm Beach, locate which is nearby your starting point.

Here are West Palm Beach area directions from each:

  • Flagler Memorial Bridge goes into Royal Poinciana Way. Then at N.County Road (A1A), turn right (It becomes S.County Road after passing Breakers Row). Travel 1.3 miles south to Hammon Avenue. There make a left, taking you out to South Ocean Boulevard. Head south. Shortly on the left watch for Gulfstream Road, which has the public access for Municipal Beach.
  • Royal Park Bridge goes into Royal Palm Way. When reaching N.County Road (A1A) turn right. After passing Golfview Rd., watch for Gulfstream Rd. just ahead. Follow it out to S.Ocean Blvd. to make a quick right & quick left. Then continuing on Gulfstream Rd. with access to Municipal Beach.

Metered parking is available, parallel style along S.Ocean Blvd. But it's quite expensive at $20 for 4 hours Or $5/hour.

Map of the Palm Beach Florida areaHow to Get to the Beginning of Municipal Beach, Palm Beach Florida

You can try more inland to look for a place to park for free. It's along Clarke Ave. (which does intersect S.County Road), where you'll have beach access. Of course the drawback is walking farther with All Your Beach Stuff!

map to locate free parking for Municipal Beach in Palm Beach

Palm Beach Locations for the Best Sunsets

When you are in the Palm Beach area, look for these perfect places to View a Beautiful Sunset. Likely better than watching sunsets from the eastern Atlantic beaches.

We've got some suggestions for you:

Lake Catherine Park in Palm Beach Gardens

This lovely park is about 11 miles northwest of Palm Beach. Located at 9481 MacArthur Blvd.

Be There as twilight approaches. Bring along Some Picnicking Gear. Then be ready to watch the setting sun reflecting on lake waters. The colors shimmer, and the leafy trees and palms sway. All for that tropical romantic atmosphere.

Treehouse Lounge & Bar

This lounge is inside the Canopy by Hilton West Palm Beach, in Downtown.

Get into some Tropical Beach Wear for your evening out. Go to the 13th floor rooftop. You'll have magnificent views! Yes, of the skyline, plus look west for the sunset.

Watch the sun lower over area palm trees as you sip your cocktail. You can order dinner, too. With the glimmering waters of Clear Lake casting sparkles. Why not Stay the Night!

Sunset Park in West Palm Beach

Find this named park for sunsets in West Palm Beach. Location is 3601 N. Australian Ave., opposite 36th St. Sit on a bench as you watch the evening sun retreat. Reflecting its light, glinting off Lake Mangonia.

From Your Own Room Overlooking Clear Lake

Reserve your own room overlooking Clear Lake. You'll have your very own private Palm Beach Sunset experience! Where can you do that?

Request an upper floor room with a west-facing view at the West Palm Beach Marriott.

Always Bracing Views With the Setting Sun on the Lake Trail

Get on Your Walking Shoes to trek along the Palm Beach Lake Trail. You're certain to find a good view across Lake Worth Lagoon, along this 5-1/2 mile pathway. Across the water views are the best for sunsets. Adding in palm trees makes it better yet!

We think you'll probably like this sunset view much better than Sunset Beach Palm Beach, which won't be over the ocean. 

  • The best access is near the trail's South end. Intersection of South Lake Dr. (paid parking here) & Peruvian Ave.
  • A suggestion for photos is in around the Royal Park Bridge area, especially the North side.

Palm Beach Sunset Paintings

A Palm Beach sunset painting will remind you of the picture-perfect trip to these gorgeous shores! Have your camera ready!

Have you walked out to A Sunset Like This?

If you haven't been yet, maybe you'd Love One of These Paintings! Because they spur you on to planning your bucket-list trip.

Don't wait to plan your own beach sunset trip, surrounded with palm trees. Because time won't wait for you!!

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