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We're both happily retired from our medical field professions as Respiratory Therapists in hospitals and in education. We love keeping busy and thought it would be good using our instructional knowledge for creating an online business out of our loved hobbies: palm trees and tropical travels.

And the bonus of getting a little extra retirement income. Can't beat that! Especially since we're having fun with it.

Our work in education has been very helpful for our palm research, and for writing instructional materials at Mission: Palm Trees.

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Here at Mission: Palm Trees

Palm lovers can get the info needed to ease their concerns. While enjoying our articles & having fun without unneeded shoptalk lingo & tiring research.

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To keep you informed, we Regularly Research what's going on in the "palm province" - quite a job! But still, we want to know what your interest is. What do you need, or what are you looking for?

We'd love Your Input! What else would you like to see on this website? What questions, comments or Feedback Do You Have?

We Welcome Your Input

We're asking for your comments & questions!

What are your most challenging asks concerning palm trees?

If you not yet found it on Mission: Palm Trees, even after viewing all the varied assistance at Our Site Index,

we'll still try to get what you need. We usually can & do!

Just ask us!!

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