Types of indoor Palms

Types of indoor palms might have different categories than you've been thinking of.

Indoor palm plant types are a great way to add tropical style & elegance to any decor. From statement easy-care artificial plants, to floor-level larger designs or small table-top palms. We help you find the perfect palm variety for your home.

Because we get loving these potted palms to use indoors.

We've organized this guide to the top six indoor palm varieties. Plus other categories to consider!



Types of Indoor Palms For Real Greenery

It's important to know that bringing a palm tree into your home is a stress for this tropical plant. In nature, of course, they don't grow inside a building! But it's no wonder people love to decorate their home indoors, with this lovely greenery.

Remember that most types of indoor palms (if not all!) are sourced from a forest or swamp's understory. Meaning they grow beneath many taller trees, shrubs, and climbing vines.

Their normal is for not getting full sun, at all. This is why they can survive well indoors.

Poster promoting potted palms for inside the home.

Even so, the environment inside most homes is very different. Once indoors they won't grow as fast as they would in their native environment. Yet if you give them proper care & good indoor placement, they can do well.

These real palms have an ability to Clean Your Indoor Air, too!


Yuck! Isn't that a good thing that palms can do this?!! What exactly do they do?

They filter out pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.

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All types of house palms help improve your home's air. As they absorb the CO2 in your home's rooms. Part of the photosynthesis process, which the Palm Fronds are designed for.

When you exhale, you exhale CO2 as waste. It's the byproduct of your body's using the O2 you've inhaled.

Palms do just the opposite. They absorb CO2, (that you've exhaled). During metabolism it produces O2. Making some nice filtered, clean oxygen for our homes.

depiction of potted indoor palm inhaling indoor pollutants

6 Types of Indoor Palms That Brighten Up Any Home

Are you jittery, in figuring out which types of indoor palms would be good for your home? We've got a list for you. Six types of palms! Splendid indoor plants you'll love to have in your home.


Chamaedorea elegans is quite popular, as it's an easy-to-care-for indoor palm.

  • It reaches heights up to three feet tall, a compact size.
  • Growing in a full, bushy shape with delicate fronds. 
  • You can use this type of palm as either a feature plant, or as background decor.
Artist's drawing of a potted Dammaran Palm TreeBased on the 1878 Les Palmier's Histoire Iconographique, an Art interpretation of Chamaedorea elegans


Chamaedorea seifrizii is relatively fast growing. An excellent choice for filtering out the greatest number of pollutants. It's ideal for kitchen or especially large bathroom placement. Because it's a humidity lover!

The Height

  • This palm, which of course is an evergreen, gets up to 12 feet high.
  • Very popular with those looking for a tall indoor palm.

Its Good Looks

  • Its light green leaves catch your eye. With that silvery stripe running down their length.
  • The sturdy trunk has a style which gives it an exotic look.


Caryota mitis boasts striking "designer" foliage! It creates a unique look in any room.

  • It's an easy-to-care for type of indoor palm. Its fronds are shaped like a fish’s tail (did you guess?!).
  1. Of course that's what gave this palm its name. 
Fishtail palm leaves against a larger palm tree trunkQuite a Unique Look to These Palm Fronds!
  • This type of palm, when placed indoors, can thrive in partial sunlight. And can tolerate lower levels of light.
  1. In nature, it lives in humid climates. And is even known to endure temperatures as low 40oF.
  • For types of house palms inside your home, you'll want to water it regularly. Make sure its soil feels moist, not dried out. But not saturated, or sopping wet! Then your Fishtail Palm can last many years.


Livistona chinensis is a popular choice for an indoor palm. Particularly because it survives just fine in low light levels.

  • It has long, thin leaves with a beautiful dark-green hue. They have a glossy, vibrant look.
  • This type of indoor palm can grow up to eight feet tall. 
  • To get the most out of this type palm when indoors, water it regularly. Yet keep its leaves clean & dry. So don't mist it up.
Artist rendering of Livistonia chinensis is commonly called Chinese Fan PalmLivistonia chinensis: Artist's rendering as an Indoor Palm Style


Dypsis lutescens is a beautiful choice for ornamental usage inside your home.

  • This type of indoor palm has feathery fronds. They arch out for a graceful look.
  • It can grow up to six feet tall. Which relates to a benefit. Remember this tip?
  1. As an air-purifying plant, the taller it grows, the more toxins it removes from your home's air.
  • It can thrive in partial shade. But it does a bit better with brighter light, as it though it prefers that. Its light flexibility also makes it a dazzling Potted Palm Tree for an outdoor patio.
  • Make sure to water regularly. 
  1. But caution for over-watering. That could lead to Some Palm Problems, like yellow leaves or root rot.


AKA the Robellini Palm Tree & Pygmy Date Palm. Scientific name is Phoenix roebelenii.

  • Find a nice place by a sunny window & it can do well.
  • A pretty looker, with glistening green leaves.
  1. But be careful of the spiny nature of its lower leaflets.

There Are Even More Types of Indoor Palm Trees You Can Think About!


Types of Artificial Palm Trees for Indoors

Get the island paradise look with realistic artificial palm trees! These types of indoor palms instantly add a tropical vibe to any room. You'll feel like you've already reached your vacation destination!

Artificial types of indoor palms bring a bit of the tropics inside your home. Realistic-looking, artificial palm trees are easier care than real indoor palms. While giving any room a unique island-inspired vibe.

Don't worry about its light requirements. Plan them for anywhere it works in your home decor. For you, it will simulate an instant sun-soaked makeover.

And don't forget, these types of Indoor Palms Require Almost No Maintenance. Plus they'll last for years to come.

Select Specialty Fake Palm Trees that Fit with Your Decor

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Takeaways for Types of Indoor Palms

Indoor potted palms have benefits for your home. They're suited for growing in containers. Learn still more about caring for Indoor Plants with this Palm Plant Care Guide>

If you're looking for palm that don't need much care, an artificial palm can do the trick. Many are very realistic looking.

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