Crafts With Palm Leaves

Making crafts with palm leaves is called Puni. An excellent way to make tropical, creative items for your home, for gifts, at an event, or for student fun.

A side benefit of using palm leaves for crafts is promoting reusability for environmental sustainability.

Are you an experienced crafter? Or are you a beginner just starting to get into a new hobby or activity? Either way, we'll show you some fantastic palm craft ideas.

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Why are Palm Leaves Good for Crafting?

Palms are a renewable source, readily available in some areas. They're unique for an assortment of crafts. We'll show you some here.

Do you live in tropical or subtropical zones? For sure palms are growing nearby.

You may even discover some Palms in Temperate Zones. If you can't locate some nearby you, there are some standard types for online purchase.

The benefits to doing crafts with palm leaves:

  • Palm leaf blades are strong yet flexible
  • Using natural materials for repurposing helps lessen waste, for sustainability.
  • It's beneficial to make Beautiful Palm Artwork for a calming hobby, while being planet-friendly.
framed artwork made from assorted palm frondsArtwork crafted with palm fronds.

Where to Get Palm Fronds to Make Crafts?

Wherever you live, you may wonder where to get palm leaves for DIY Palm Tree Crafts.

  • Local florists or garden centers may be able to order them.
  • Online stores may Carry Palm Fronds.
Trimming a Palm Tree by a ProfessionalArborists or tree services may give you newly pruned palm fronds.

What Supplies are Needed for Palm Leaf Craft Projects

Choose the type of palm leaf by its crafting flexibility, and sizing of your chosen craft.

Close-up of feather palm frondFeather fronds like these are often ideal.

You may already have Tools/Supplies Needed for palm leaf projects. Like these:

  1. Alternative is Sheet Metal Shears. Maybe you have them in your toolshed?
  • Do you sew? Get A Hefty Needle from your sewing basket.
  • Also thread or yarn.

Other supplies might be needed, according to the craft with palm leaves you intend on creating. If you regularly do crafting, you probably have these items:

Craft Paints are often used to further individualize your work.

Other Parts of Palm Trees can be involved in your creation.

Like sections of stems, dried fruit, or dried/hard palm seeds. Could you blend Coconut Shells into your crafts with palm leaves? Getting creative with your own touches will be fun!

hamster in a hallowed out coconut shellA Little Hide-Out Made From a Coconut Shell for a Small Pet
Can You Think of More Ideas?

Preparing Palm Leaves for Projects

Remember safety because some palm fronds are armed with spiky edges or stiff pointy tips. Clip those off. Specialized Crafting/Work Gloves could help you keep clear of getting pokes or cuts.

An essential first step is cleaning the leaves. If you got them from places planning to trash them, they'll likely be quite dirty. Even when purchasing them from a packaged store or online, they may be dusty.

FIRST - Rub them over with a wet sponge. Get rid of that surface dirt, or dead insects.

SECOND - If all the dirt doesn't come off, add a little gentle dish detergent to a bowl of water. Dip in your sponge and go over the palm fronds again. Now rinse well under gently running water. Then let it dry.

THIRD - (Optional) Does your project require flexible palm leaves? Soften overly stiff fronds by steaming them over boiling water. Or use a Steamer Meant for Clothing Wrinkles. To increase workability.

Craft Projects With Palm Leaves

We'll suggest a range of crafts with palm leaves. From easily done, to a little more complicated. See what strikes your fancy!

Kids typically love being involved in craft projects. Whether you're their parent or teacher, make it educational by talking about How Palms are Uniquely Different from other trees.

Youngsters can work on easier projects, working their fine motor skills. Spark their creativity with your prompts and questions. And finally, another teaching point is learning about reusing items instead of adding to landfills.

steps to make a cross of fronds for palm SundayInstruction Steps for Basic Palm Leaf Cross

Practical Tips for Crafts With Palm Leaves

The first essential is getting the hang of basic weaving. Since many projects are based on a palm frond weave. Try experimenting with different crafts and techniques.

Use Fresh Palm Leaves, if at all possible. They're much easier to work with. Dried out palm leaves are somewhat fragile. They could break while you're weaving, bringing on aggravation. They also won't bend to shape as easily.

Remember the saying: "Practice Makes Perfect." Probably every beginning frond weaver has gotten frustrated. Weaving can be tricky at first. Don't be discouraged if your first attempt isn't just right. With practice you will improve!

Here's a Basic Palm Leaf Craft, Which Also Gives a Good Lesson in Weaving Fronds

Easy Palm Leaf Placemat Craft

Suitable for kids or crafting beginners, this simple craft is relatively easy. Kids can make them as gifts for others, bringing delight for their home-made tropical creation.

little girl seated at a table working on making a craft
  • Obtain vinyl placemats as the base. Use Leaflets From a Palm Frond as the decor. Another option is Using Green Ribbon, cut to leaf-like shape.
  • Arrange feather leaflets next to each other. Alternate the narrow points at one end lined up next to wider parts.
  • Once they're arranged, begin from the placemat edge and glue them down. Place heavy books on top to secure them well as the glue dries.

Some optional steps are first painting the leaflets or the base placemat varied colors, coating the finished placemats with a clear sealant. Mats can be framed as artwork.

Ideas for Palm Leaf Wedding or Party Decor

Palm leaf decorations are simply perfect for tropical beach weddings or luau-themed parties. How about Making Table Centerpieces, guest trinkets or Garland for Decor. Any of these will make it memorable for all your guests.

Basic Preparation for Weaving Palm Leaves

You'll use some of the above listed supplies & materials. Choose long, flexible, Fresh Palm Leaves. You'll also want a flat working surface.


  • Be sure the fonds are clean.
  • Trim the leaves to your desired length. Remove any thorns or rough edges. Cut carefully, making sure edges look neat and even.
  • As you continue weaving, shape the leaves into the desired form, whether it's a flat mat, a basket, or another shape.


Once your weave is completed, secure loose ends by tucking them into the weave or tying them together. You could also place bits of glue in strategic spots.

Now that you have the overview, why not begin with this easy-peasy fish:

Creating a Bowl From Palm Tree Fronds

A Palm Leaf Basket or bowl is a great idea. But a bit more difficult.

While you're weaving fronds, you mold your creation in the shape of the bowl. Or similarly a basket. Used for many purposes. Like holding keys, or jewelry.

Maybe place An Imitation Pineapple in the center, then surround it with Coconut Coir (we use & like that brand). Finally add Some Fake Fruit around the edges. Then it's your own tropical centerpiece. For your home, or use it for Tropically-Themed Parties.

It can be a conversation starter for your guests. Who wonder about how you reused natural materials.

basket made from palm fronds sitting on a tableAncient Crafted Basket from Palm Leaves

Probably it was 20 years ago we had a frond bowl. We'd driven to the far end of the Road to Hana on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. A native Hawaiian man had a table where he was making these, for sale. I bought one, using it as a (real) fruit basket.

Somewhere in our relocations, it was lost. I wish I'd taken a photo of it!

Look at More Creative Crafts You My Want to Do

Are you thinking of gifts? Or maybe even palm leaf crafts for selling?

How about Extra Income Online from selling your creations? Like Framed Palm Leaf Art that could be easily shipped.

Or Try a Booth at a craft fair, or farmer's market. Arrange a display of your small baskets, floral arrangements with palm leaves, or any other of your creations.

Did those crafts not do it for you?

Feeling stuck or need more inspiration?

One Online Source for Amazing Palm Leaf Crafts might give you ideas! We were awed by many of the designs.

Once you've gotten started with simpler crafts with palm leaves, More Difficult Techniques will be easier to master. And remember the saying "Practice Makes Perfect!"

screen made from woven palm fronds

After Completing Your Craft With Palm Fronds

Once you've completed your project, why not share it?

Social media platforms are great ways to showcase your work. We'd love to see your creation, or those of your kids or students. Go ahead & Post It To Our Facebook Page.

You could inspire others to try crafting with palm leaves!

Takeaways for Crafts With Palm Leaves

Whether you're looking for a fun new hobby, to decorate your home with DIY quality palm crafts, or possibly sell your creations, crafts with palm leaves give you crafting possibilities perhaps not previously thought of.

Remember the benefits of working as a sustainable crafter, spurring on your creativity. We suggest you give it a try. Mull it over and let your imagination take off!

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