Coconut Tree Uses and Benefits
From Leaves to Roots

People have been asking about Coconut Tree uses and benefits. Get the low-down on the coconut palm's different ways to support overall health from culinary uses. And more, like medicinal uses, industrial uses & in the beauty industry.

All different parts of the coconut tree are useful, giving its nickname: the "Tree of Life."

The fruit of the Coconut Palm is used in many cuisines.

Need dairy-free? It's a fantastic dairy alternative. So many more uses & benefits for Cocos nucifera! From coconut roots to coconut leaves, every part of these palm trees has a purpose.

Let's find out what they are!

Stand of coconut palm trees on an ocean beachCoconut Palm Trees in Their Favored Setting

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Uses & Benefits of the Coconut Tree Fruit

Coconuts and the palm fronds with some popular coconut uses.To Illustrate Just A Few Coconut Tree Uses and Benefits - coconut milk, skin cream & virgin coconut oil.

Probably the most familiar part of this palm is the fruit of the coconut tree. Which has an innermost energizing drink, as well as the coconut meat. Together they make coconut milk.

Coconut palm tree products are increasingly popular in the human health wellness industry.

What Drinks are Made From the Coconut Palm Fruit

Coconut Water VS Coconut Milk  - What Uses to Know


Tender coconut water gives plenty of coconut tree uses and benefits! Young green coconuts have water that provides you potential health benefits. Some say it has a high electrolyte content. Yet the potassium, phosphorus, sodium & manganese content will vary. Depending on the sources' age. It adds helpful hydration to your body after exercise, or an illness.

For instance my hubby had some heart issues relating to electrolyte levels out of whack. He now incorporates coconut water into his diet.

Yet it's no more hydrating (key word!) than plain water. Water has zero calories. Eight ounces (237ml) of coconut water has about 55 calories. More or less, depending on if it's directly from the coconut fruit or from grocery stores.

Split fresh coconut on a plate on a table with a spoon nearby and a straw to drink the fruit water.Fresh Coconut Meat, With Straw for Drinking its Water.

Drill at least two holes in a coconut seed to access the water. The eyes are good places for this, as they're softer.

An easier option is to purchase commercially prepared products at grocery stores.


Coconut milk is a made product, starting with the raw meat of mature coconuts. Delicious coconuts are used in food products. For instance "ice cream" - which we occasionally have, loving it.

The high fat amount in coconut milk isn't the good kind. About 90% is saturated, which could raise cholesterol levels. There are limited, conflicting studies of the health benefits of coconut milk. So the American Heart Association doesn't recommend it. Not verifying it helps with cardiovascular disease.

One study does show it may benefit blood pressure levels. Other potential health benefits are the phenolic compounds in coconut milk, which obstructs harmful free radicals

But the protein content is small. Yet if you're dairy intolerant, it's one of the options. 

There are several ways you can make coconut milk. This demonstration below is a pretty good choice. Remember, homemade Coconut Milk Doesn't Have a Long Shelf Life.

Think About These Optional Tips

  1. You can peel off the brown skin on the coconut flesh for a milkier appearance. It tastes the same either way.
  2. Easily get the coconut meat out! By cutting coconut shells in half. Then bake the halves for 20 minutes in an oven at 325°F/170°C.

Make Coconut Cream With a Juicer

  • Place strips of coconut meat into the juicer's top.
  • Run it for automatic separation: shredded coconut from one spout & cream from the other!
A juicer with two spouts on a counterA Two Spout Juicer - Image Credit: Trusted Reviews

Know How to Make Coconut Cream From Coconut Milk

A creamy dairy-free delight!

  • Pour your coconut milk into a wide mouth jar. Let it settle in the refrigerator overnight. The heavier liquid sinks, and coconut cream rises to the top.
  • Wait about 24 hours for the separation process to finish. Then spoon out the cream at the top.

Which do you prefer? The sweet nutty coconut flesh, creamy milk, or the refreshing water.

More Edible Coconut Palm Tree Products for Use

Straight coconut water & coconut milk aren't all the edibles from the fruit of the coconut palm. More are:

  • Inner coconut trunk is pickled for a treat. Also added to bread dough & soup.
  • Stems of coconut flowers (inflorescences) are cooked up as a vegetable serving.
  • Fermented sap is a potent potable!
  • Coconut water's liquid thickens, turns gummy-like, halfway to ripening. Considered gourmet food, raw or cooked. 

Coconut products can elevate your creative cooking! Adding a twist from tropical countries to your dishes.

Meat of the Coconut - Uses, Effects & More

The raw meat of the coconut is not only delicious but also packed with nutritional benefits. A good source of dietary fiber (9g), some vitamin C (3.3mg), many minerals. Plus some beneficial fatty acids.

If you're making coconut milk, shredded coconut is the leftover product, when dried. And we think fresh is the best. Do you agree?

Shredded coconut in a flat pan on a table

Meat From Coconut Palm Fruit for Coconut Copra Oil

The dried kernel (coconut meat) is the source of aromatic copra, virgin coconut oil.

It must be processed to form this oil. It's a squooshy-solid product when finished.

Which has tons of uses in cooking, skincare, and even healthcare. A $5-billion yearly market! With the current high demand, manufacturers are researching ways to process virgin coconut oil more efficiently.

What are Said to be Health benefits of Coconut Oil Use?

Coconut oil is said to have potential health benefits. Because of the unique structure of fatty acids.

Including boosting heart health by lowering LDL (the "bad" cholesterol), aiding weight loss, and improving skin & hair health.

Note that a peer-reviewed study was completed in 2022. Using multiple already published studies to see their outcomes related to heart health. The conclusion of the report was that any blend of the coconut oil's "...effect on LDL... remain questionable." [see Sekhar, S., et al. in bibliography/references.]

Coconut Sugar From Palm Tree Sap - A Healthy Choice?

Coconut sugar is made from coconut palm tree sap. The coloring is reminiscent of Brown Sugar. It appears to be a better alternative to regular cane sugar. 

Rectangular locks of coconut sugar cubes.Coconut Sugar Cube Blocks

It has a lower glycemic index, meaning it won't pike your blood sugar levels. It has small percentages of minerals like iron, zinc, and potassium. As well as antioxidants & dietary fiber.

Common table sugar has no nutrient value, and does spike up your blood sugar. Which isn't a good thing. Yet remember, there's still no way coconut sugar is any kind of health food. But if you can choose between that and white cane sugar, it's the better decision.

Coconut Palm Roots - What are the Uses & Benefits?

The roots of the coconut tree have medicinal properties. They're used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments, from dysentery to skin diseases. Roots can also be used to make dyes & mouthwash.

In some places the important uses of coconut trees include grinding the palm's coconut roots to make a caffeine-free coffee drink.

Greens - The Coconut Palm Tree Leaves Uses in Food

Young coconut tree leaves are edible. Useful in salads or as a garnish in creative dishes.

The coconut palm's heart, the apical bud, is served in various ways. That's the Palm Tree Part that grows new fronds. Problem Is: Take that heart away & it leads to coconut palm tree death.

Other Beneficial Uses
For the Coconut Palm Tree

Uses & Benefits for the Outer Coconut Shells

Coconut husk fibers, called coconut coir, are used to make ropes, mats, brushes, & even mattresses. Coir is also used in potting mixes. To improve soil aeration and water retention. It's also used for a mulch or in compost.

Coconut shells is made into charcoal. Or they become utensils, bowls, or decorative objects.

hamster in a hallowed out coconut shellHow Cute!! 😁Creative Use for a Coconut Shell, a Hamster's Hide-Out.

Practical Uses for the Coconut Palm Tree Leaves

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Coconut tree leaves are equally useful.

Midrib stems of leaflets are stiff, yet bendy. So they're used for broom-making.

Fronds are used in Many Tropical Regions Like in Vietnam, for roof thatching, making baskets & mats, and other weaving projects.

Home with a roof of palm frond thatching

Useful Benefits for the Coconut Palm Tree Trunk

The trunk of the coconut palm tree is often overlooked. But it's one of the important uses of coconut trees.

  • For use in building construction. 
  • Making coconut trunk boards for furniture.
  • Even as a source of pulp for making paper.

What are Coconut Palm Tree Uses
In the Beauty Industry?

The beauty industry uses coconut products in many ways. Among those:

  • Look at ingredients in skincare & haircare products. You may find coconut oil listed.
  • Coconut shells are used as a natural exfoliator in body scrubs
A pump bottle of coconut body lotion on top of a table

Coconut Tree Uses & Benefits in the Environment

Of course, coconut leaves are the part of a coconut tree that absorbs CO2. In return, oxygen is put into the air. Their contribution to reduction in greenhouse gases.

Coconut trees can provide a bit of shade, while adding beauty to landscapes. They're relatively easy to start growing in tropical climates, creating even more environmental coconut tree uses and benefits. They can even increase property values in some tropical regions.

Coconut Tree Uses and Benefits - The Takeaways

You've seen the importance of the coconut palm tree. Not only does it provide food and drink, but it also offers materials for shelter, utensils, herbal medicine, and more. No wonder it's called the "Tree of Life."

Yes, coconut palm trees are remarkable plants. They're probably the most naturally widespread fruit tree. Coconut tree uses and benefits go far beyond the delicious coconut fruit. Look the coconut palm from the bottom up! Every part of a coconut tree can be used.

The next time you enjoy a refreshing coconut drink or a luscious coconut curry, remember you're indulging in a tradition across cultures & centuries. So give a nod to the incredible coconut palm tree.

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