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🌴, Had to Let You Know About this Palm Event
December 29, 2023

December 2023 Special

Limited Palm Event Opening Soon

Hello, hope your holidays are giving you much joy!

We had to touch base, because we just got word of this unique opportunity that only comes along a few times a year!

Are You Soon in For
A Trip to Hawaii?

This Maui Event is a Must See!

A Special Palm Grove Visit
That May Entice You to Plan that HI Trip...

We just listed it in our Palm Trees Blog, but can't let our subscribers be left out. In fact, even better that you'll get this announcement directly to your inbox. Especially if it will Help You Plan for that upcoming

Hawaiian Specialty Travel!

You'll have a chance to visit the Merwyn Conservancy on Maui's North End. This isn't something you can do any ole time! It's a must-schedule, and when it opens up - very popular!

We didn't want you to miss out, if you may want to get there. Click the link below for all the details - and to sign up if you care to...

Open Garden Days at Merwin on Maui - Rare Treat!

, making plans to go? Let Us Know

Best Wishes to You for 2024

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Best wishes all,

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