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🌴, An Ancient Palm Trip + Your Important Update
January 14, 2024

January 2024

Palm Ancient History
And an Important Change Coming

Hello, we can't believe it - can you? We've begun 2024! Since thinking of time passing, thought we'd look into the ancient origins of palm trees. There was a surprising discovery!

Plus don't miss our important update below.

The Origin of Palm Trees

We are Journeying Back in Time , far beyond the realms of written history. Imagine the earth then! It was a very different place, ruled by fearsome dinosaurs.

Some movies give you clues! 🤔 Have you seen the Jurassic Park series?

Dinosaurs and palms coexisted. Yet a discovery in Utah changed the belief of how old palm trees actually are!

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Important Change/Update

, we know you've heard this before. But we've changed our newsletter provider. Had some issues we wanted to fix. That's what motivated the change.

You won't notice too much difference, it's quite similar in looks. For sure it's the one we'll stick with. If we didn't tell you this, I'm not sure you'd even notice the change. But we wanted to be transparent.

And you don't have to do anything! 🤗 It will automatically go into effect with the next Memo issue - that's in February.

Thanks so much for coming along with us To have a Life Amid the Palms!

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